True Devotion. October and November


Australian Christianity

A lot of Australian Christianity is comfortable, middle class, ‘don’t impact my life’ kind of stuff. Now there’s nothing wrong with being middle class, but it’s certainly fertile ground for half-hearted faith. The thing is, half-hearted faith isn’t biblical faith. Jesus called his followers to deny themselves, take up their crosses daily, and follow him. Biblical faith is about true devotion.


Half-hearted faith isn’t just a modern problem. It’s been a problem for the people of God for centuries. In the Old Testament, God sent the prophet Malachi to his people to address this very issue. Their worship was ritualistic, their lives were full of compromise and they’d lost all sense of wonder at the grace and mercy of God. The glory days were over, life was hard, and they just didn’t see the point of true devotion anymore. That’s why God sent them Malachi. He came with a message of rebuke and promise. Rebuke for their half-hearted faith and promise about what could be. A promise of the blessing, righteousness and hope that comes from true devotion. Malachi’s message is just as relevant today as it was back then. Our constant danger is to grow content with half-hearted faith. But God wants true devotion.

Grace City

At Grace City, our prayer has always been that men, women and children would be so captured by the cause of Christ that they’d pour themselves out in devotion to him. That’s why we’re doing this series. Starting October 14, we’re going to spend 6 weeks in the book of Malachi. Week one will lay the foundation- true devotion is a response to the God who is truly devoted to us. Then over the next five weeks we’ll explore what true devotion actually looks like. It’s about offering worship that’s worthy, having relationships that are faithful, pursuing righteousness that endures, trusting God in our generosity, and living lives of reverent service. Don’t settle for half-hearted faith. Join us for the series and discover the beauty and blessing of true devotion.


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