The Story of Grace City

This is our story. ‘1000s of disciples throughout Sydney and beyond radically committed to the cause of Christ’.
It’s a massive vision, but it started with a tiny moment. In 2014, Grace City Church was born with 10 people in a cramped living room. This team dreamed, planned and prayed about pioneering a church. This church would not only proclaim the gospel but also plant churches and produce resources. Motivated by love for those who are far from God and passion for God to be known, we were excited to step out in faith.


In 2015, this small group had grown to a size of 35 meeting in a film school in Waterloo. Every Sunday we would arrive early to set up chairs/AV/food, and then stay late to pack it all down again. But we knew it was worth it because of what God could do. In August 2015, surprise struck when we were unexpectedly left homeless – having just 3 days to find a new venue to meet in. By the grace of God we landed in a cinema at the Entertainment Quarter where we held kids ministry in the foyer, showed our videos on the Hoyts screens and left smelling of popcorn.


In 2016 God blessed our small church of 50 with a new facility at 937 Bourke St where we currently meet. Over the past three years God has continued to grow us in faith and number, with many finding new life in him.


Each year at our birthday, we love to baptise new Christians. At this year’s birthday we have the joy of baptising Damian, who has recently come to put his faith in Jesus. Why not join us for the day? We’d love to invite you to join us on the 29th April at 10am as we celebrate three years of God’s grace and our story. Come early for great coffee and stay late for a free lunch. You won’t regret it!
The things is, if all we do is celebrate what God has done, there’s something missing. We’re actually more excited for what God will do. Since Jesus is coming back, we must continue to fix our eyes on the harvest. A barn-sized mentality looks inwards at what we already have. A harvest-sized mentality looks out at what is still to be done. The vision is still massive, and in the global scheme our church is tiny. Despite that we have a confident and prayerful expectation that God will continue to call many people to himself. That’s our story.


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