What is the mission of Grace City Church? Part 2

A mission statement tells you what a group or organisation does. It tells you its purpose for being. Walt Disney wanted “To make people happy.” Nike wants “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.” And McDonald’s wants “To be our customers’ favourite place and way to eat.” Without a mission statement, organizational drift is inevitable.

mission statement

Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus to the glory of God, by:

Proclaiming the gospel
Planting churches, and
Producing resources.

In Part 1 of this 2-part series, I tried to unpack the first line of our mission statement and what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. As promised, in this post I’d like to unpack why we’ve included each of the 3 P’s as well. In short, we want to have an impact beyond ourselves and beyond our lifetime.

Therefore, while the mission of Grace City Church begins at home in Green Square, it extends beyond the local community, into more regional areas and even the globe. Jesus told his disciples to make disciples of all nations. We think he actually meant it.

Each point mentioned in the mission statement above has a corresponding location. Now, these are certainly not mutually exclusive, but they do reveal the way in which our prayers have led us to focus our energies- at least for the time being.

Proclaim The Gospel (Local)

Grace City Church will meet in Waterloo. Our building will not primarily be a space for mission, but a base for mission. With that in mind, we will seek to:

  • Facilitate opportunities for our members to be on mission to the people in Green Square and the City South, and
  • Equip our members to be on mission to their families, friends, and colleagues.

We pray that as the gospel is proclaimed, Grace City Church will be filled with people who live in Green Square and the wider City South, as well as their family members, friends and colleagues who may live elsewhere.

Plant Churches (Regional)

According to Tim Keller, “the continuous, rigorous planting of new churches is the single most effective strategy to see the numerical growth of the body of Christ and the renewal of established churches.” In other words, church planting is an excellent way to make disciples of Jesus to the glory of God.

Therefore, we believe that planting churches both within and beyond Green Square and the City South is an urgent and strategic work for us to be involved in. We pray that in time, these new churches will be a combination of affiliate, family and campus plants. Some might remain connected to Grace City, but we suspect many will not.

Produce Resources (Global)

Thanks to modern technology we have new abilities. It is now possible for a relatively small group of people to have a disproportionately large impact on the rest of the world. Therefore, we want to make use of the extraordinary facilities that we have at our fingertips to produce gospel centred resources. We pray that these will be used by God to make and mature disciples of Jesus throughout the world.

Next Steps?

Find out more about Grace City Church, and how you can be involved. Come along to our Info & Supporters Afternoon. 26th July from 3:30-4:30pm. To let us know that you’re coming, RSVP on Facebook.

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