What is the mission of Grace City Church? Part 1

A mission statement tells you why an organisation exists. Without a mission statement, or without clarity on what your mission actually is, organizational drift is inevitable. The mission is like the keel of a ship; it makes sure you stay on course and keep going in the direction that you are supposed to be going.

Churches that forget their mission forget their reason for being. They forget that the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing. Sooner or later, churches that forget their mission end up liberal, empty and their halls are used for nothing but yoga and scouts. Not that those are bad things in on of themselves. Everyone loves a bit of yoga! But when that’s all your church is doing something has gone terribly wrong.

So what is the mission of Grace City ChurchGrace City takes its mission primarily from the Great Commission (Matt 28:18-20). Before he left them, the risen Jesus told his disciples to “Go and make disciples of all nations.” In a nutshell, that’s what we want to do at Grace City:

mission statement

Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus to the glory of God by,

Proclaiming the gospel
Planting churches, and
Producing resources.

That’s our reason for being. Our keel. Everything we do, everything we say, and every decision that we make will need to pass through this grid. If it doesn’t help us make disciples of Jesus to the glory of God, we won’t do it. It’s that simple.

In another post, I will try unpack why we have included the three P’s in our Mission Statement. But for now, I want to focus on what a disciple of Jesus is. After all, if you want to make disciples of Jesus it’s important that you know what a “made disciple” actually looks like! At Grace City, we believe there are five key things that characterize a made disciple.


To help you remember them, they all start with the letter M.

  • Magnification: Disciples of Jesus are growing in their love for God and seeking to magnify him in everything that they do.
  • Membership: Disciples of Jesus are members of the body of Christ who seek to connect with, care for and participate in the community of the church.
  • Maturity: Disciples of Jesus are seeking to grow in Christ-like maturity as the devote themselves to the Word of God in community with others.
  • Ministry: Disciples of Jesus are gifted for the common good and seeking to sacrificially use those gifts to minister to others.
  • Mission: Disciples of Jesus are on mission for Jesus and prayerfully seeking to proclaim the gospel as they lovingly serve a lost world.

Perhaps you are wondering, “Where did they come from?” While we believe that all of these things are consistently taught throughout the New Testament, if you’re looking for a place where they all appear together, you might like to check out Acts 2:41-47.

According to Luke, the early church worshiped God, enjoyed fellowship with one another, devoted themselves to the Apostles teaching, used their gifts for the common good, and were on mission for Jesus. That’s ultimately what we want Grace City to be like.

Next Steps?

To find out more about Grace City Church, and how you can be involved, come along to our Info & Supporters Afternoon on the 26th July from 3:30-4:30pm. To let us know that you’re coming, RSVP on Facebook.


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