Grace City is going to the movies!

Dear family, friends and supporters,

On Tuesday evening (12th August) I received notice that we will no longer be able to meet at the ISA. While our relationship with the ISA remains strong, Sydney City Council has asked that we find another location to meet. While this comes as a bit of a shock, it also opens the doors for us to explore some other exciting possibilities!


So this Sunday at 10am church will be at the movies! We will have church at the Hoyts in the Entertainment Quarter. Everything else will be the same. We will still have City Kids, we will be continuing with our Origins series, we will still sing together and we can even hang out together afterwards! I repeat, the only thing that will change is the building in which we are meeting.


The specific details are:

  • Location: Hoyts Cinema Paris, Cinema 15.
  • Time: 10am (though come early to allow time to find us)
  • Address: 122 Lang Rd, Moore Park
  • Parking: 2 hours free (+ 1 hour free if you get your ticket stamped at Hoyts)

We are praying that this will be a semi-permanent location while we wait for our own building in Waterloo to be completed. At this stage we expect to move into the new building by this Christmas, so it should only be a brief stint at the movies.


The image above is a picture of our future auditorium at 937 Bourke St, Waterloo. Council has approved this site as a place of public worship. That means once we move in we won’t have to move out again like we have this week! We expect to be able to fit about 200 adults in here after the works have been completed.

I am very excited about the physical building in Waterloo. I am far more excited by the church that God is building as he gathers us together each week around his Son, Jesus Christ. Church is a gathering of people, not a building of stone.

So as we move to Moore Park for the next few months, can I encourage you to be praying that God would continue to grow his church? Pray for outreach opportunities, for greater exposure in the community, and pray that more and more people would come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

I look forward to seeing you this Sunday at the movies at Hoyts EQ!

Tim Clemens,
Pastor of Grace City Church

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