Welcome to City Kids and Youth Online at Grace City. At our 9am livestream service we share a Kids and Youth Spot which includes a song and bible story. We are currently in a three week series ‘Jesus: Death, Life, Glory’. During the Connection Card break in the service we encourage you to set up your children to continue with a video, Zoom session or craft. In addition we have developed a set of discussion questions to use as a family following the livestream service.

PAST Kids and Youth Spots

Videos and Zoom Sessions

Preschool aged children can participate in a Zoom session prior to the 9am service. The session will include a game, song and memory verse. During the adult sermon, preschool children can then watch the video linked below. The video has been edited to follow the Kids and Youth Spot. Please note that the video is hyperlinked on Saturday.

School aged children can participate in a Zoom session during the adult sermon. The session will include a game, video, discussion and craft guidance. Zoom sessions will commence after the Kids and Youth Spot during the Connection Card break.

If you are using an iPhone or iPad use Guided Access so your child is restricted to watching the video or using Zoom. Go to General – Accessibility – Guided Access – On. A triple click will lock the iPhone or iPad on the selected app.

Zoom 8:30am – Preschool

ZOOM 9:20am – YEARS K-2

ZOOM 9:20am – YEARS 3-4

ZOOM 9:20am – YEARS 5-8

19 September – Death Video

26 September – Life Video

3 october – Glory Video

Activities and Craft

Preschool and school aged children will have received a booklet in the mail for the series ‘Jesus: Death, Life, Glory’. As the booklet encompasses a range of ages, not all activities will be relevant to your child. However, we hope this will be resource that will assist with Kids and Youth Online.

The booklet includes family discussion questions, craft activities, colouring pages, word searches, cross words and close passages linked to the series. School aged children are encouraged to have their booklet at the Sunday Zoom sessions. If you have not received a copy in the mail please email Emma Clemens Director of Next Gen (emma.clemens@gracecity.com.au).

Jesus: Death, Life, Glory Activity Booklet

Online Series 2021

Jesus The Early Years

7 Deadly Sins

During The Week

During the week, you can continue teaching your child from the bible. We hope that the discussion questions provide opportunity for fruitful conversation after church on Sunday as you ask your child about what they’ve learnt. We also encourage you to download the Bible App for Kids to read the story during the week. Through interactive adventures and beautiful animations, your child can explore the bible. The story is read aloud and children can complete challenges.


With a bit more time at home at the moment, and a lot more time together as a family, maybe you’d like to find a bible to read with your kids! Here are some bible recommendations for each age group for you.


Are you looking for some music to sing and dance along to with your kids that will help them remember big bible truths? Check out the City Kids and Youth Spotify playlist.