26, August, 2024 | 7.30pm - 8.45pm
Microsoft Teams (Online)

About The Workshop

We see children at Grace City as important members of our church. Therefore we encourage parents to be intentional and proactive in discipling their children. Deuteronomy 6 commands parents to impress biblical truths upon the hearts and minds of their children at all times and in call circumstances. This is a significant responsibility and high calling.

In the infant baptism or dedication service, parents are asked if they accept the responsibility to help their child:
  • Know and love their heavenly father
  • Tell them of his goodness and grace in Jesus
  • Model with your lives how to follow Jesus

The workshop ‘Before You Baptise or Dedicate’ is designed to assist parents in these responsibilities. There are four components to the workshop:

  1. Theological overview of infant baptism and dedication
  2. Pathways for discipling your children
  3. The next steps and logistics of the day
  4. Question and answer time


If you’d like to read more about infant baptism and dedication at Grace City including the service outline, click here.

Next Steps

1. Sign up to ‘Before You Baptise or Dedicate’ workshop using the form below. 

2. Questions regarding theology of baptism and dedication contact: Charles Cleworth

3. Organisational questions or to book in to baptise or dedicate your child contact:
Lily Layt

Upcoming Baptism/Dedication dates:
-Monday 4th September 7:30-8:45pm online: Infant baptism and dedication workshop
-Sunday 24th September: Infant baptism or dedication
-Sunday 26th November: Infant baptism or dedication

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