5 Things To Do If You’re Lonely

Despite being surrounded we still feel alone. Despite Skype we are still distanced from family. The phones in our pocket allow us to call anyone we want, but it doesn’t feel appropriate to actually press the green button. Every advertisement wants our ear but no one wants to speak with us. We have 1000 friends on Facebook, but no friends in real life. We move apartments and never really establish a connection with our neighbours.

4 Things To Do

In the face of loneliness, standard wisdom tells us to intentionally pursue new relationships. Here are some common suggestions.
1. Join a hobby-group. The local tennis club may have evening competitions, or the local art group may offer evening classes.
2. Take a walk and smile at those who walk past. You may be surprised to get a smile back.
3. Go to the gym and do the group fitness class. Exercising alongside other people is a quick way to eliminate barriers.
4. Check out social groups with websites like ‘Meet Up’. There are groups meeting up every week around common interests like books, rock-climbing or karaoke.

A Fifth Thing To Do

However, while all these things could help, they can feel like a single band-aid on an open wound. In reality there is a deep problem with the way we are living. Here it is: we were never meant to live without community. You were not made for individualism. We were not made to live without others, without shared meaning, without helping hands. It could be the case that your loneliness is alerting you to a bigger problem.

So, what could you do about this problem? A fifth and final suggestion might not have occurred to you before – If you’re feeling lonely, why don’t you connect with a local church? Most churches are very happy to have you attend, even if you are unsure about your own faith. In our church, for example, we have people who come from Buddhist, Taoist and Atheist backgrounds.


Anton (pictured right) “I came to Australia by myself. Grace City has definitely allowed me to make new connections. And with such a warm welcome and smiles I think anybody would be able to. Just stand by yourself for 3 seconds and somebody will magically appear offering you some coffee…”

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