Sunday 26th May & 2nd June
Youth Confirmation and Baptism Course

Sunday 16th June
Youth Confirmation and Baptism
in 9am Service


Youth Confirmation and Baptism is a wonderful opportunity for teenagers to reflect on and profess their faith. The teenage years can be a challenging time for exploring identity and worldview. At this formative age, parents and youth leaders can be instrumental in nurturing, encouraging and supporting the faith of teenagers. Youth confirmation and baptism are a great avenue for intentional discipleship during the teenage years.

Why Confirmation?

Confirmation is an opportunity for children baptised as infants to share their own confession of faith in Jesus and for them to declare their membership at Grace City Church.

Why Baptism?

Teenagers not baptised as infants can be baptised and then confirmed on the same day. They will have the same opportunity to declare their faith and church membership.  



The workshops are an incredible opportunity for families to discuss what it means to be Christian. They are also an excellent opportunity for a home and church partnership. In the two Sunday workshops, we work through some big questions such as:

  • Who is God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit?
  • What is your salvation story?
  • What are confirmation and baptism?

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  • Questions about the theology of Baptism or Confirmation
    Charles Cleworth:
  • Questions about the Confirmation Workshops
    Jason Kuan Youth Coordinator:
  • Questions about logistics or registering
    Lily Layt EA: