The Grace City Church Public Launch

Just one week ago we were so excited to have the public launch of Grace City Church. Around 210 people came along to the launch to celebrate a new church for a new area. We were blessed to be able to meet at the International Screen Academy at 242 Young Street Waterloo. Here, we have been and will continue to meet as a church on Sunday mornings for the immediate future.



It was really exciting to see many people come along – from locals who live around the corner, to those more than a couple hours’ drive away to celebrate the launch. We were joined by friends, family, and neighbours from the local community. Of these, some may have heard the gospel hundreds of times before, others never before. Overall, everything ran smoothly and the gospel was preached clearly and faithfully – which we are so thankful to God for.

We have been blessed this past week to have many people come back after the launch to visit Grace City again. Our main focus for the next few months will be encouraging people to either attend LIFE or ONBOARD. LIFE is designed for those who are still investigating Jesus and would like to know more about Him. ONBOARD is for those who are considering calling Grace City home.


It was a real joy to be able to spend time meeting many people after the service. If you were able to make it we want to thank you very much for your support. If you were supporting us from a distance or could not make it, we are still so thankful for your support. To see a little bit of the day, check out the time-lapse video or the photo gallery below. Thanks to Tony Clemens and Andrew Affleck for photos! Click on the photos to enlarge.



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