If you could say one thing – Meet Ash

What would you say if you had the chance to communicate one important thing? Grace City brings you a new mini-series from members of the launch team, who share a message they think you need to hear. Today, Ash Cleworth encourages us with one idea worth sharing.


If you could say one thing, what would it be?

‘Sharing the Gospel matters.’

For most of my life I had avoided evangelism – talking to my friends about Jesus and what His life, death and resurrection means for them. I thought to myself… “I’m not good at it”.. “it’s not my gift”.. “she’s better at it than me, she should probably do it”.. How sad to think of all the opportunities I’ve missed!

All we have to do is have a go! We don’t have to hit a homerun and see them come to faith straight away (although how awesome would that be!) – just get in there, be bold and say something. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t come out right or if they think less of you afterwards. You’ve had a go, and God, in His mercy, will water the seed and find His lost sheep.

What excites you about joining Grace City?

Pretty much everything! The Green Square area itself is exciting – thousands of people in need of Jesus or a new church family are moving into an area. It’s a privilege and opportunity to be a part of the birth of a new church.


What’s something you’d love to get involved in within Green Square?

I’m really looking forward to joining a local netball team (and hopefully knitting/something crafty club!) and getting to know women in the area.


What’s one reason the Gospel means so much to you?

Life can be really hard and it is so sad to watch people go through life and not know true joy and true hope and true love. I am so thankful that I know this joy, this hope and this love because of Jesus.


What’s something you’d love prayer for?

One of my many struggles is that I fear other people, seeking their acceptance and approval. This makes it hard for me to share the Gospel with people I have met, am getting to know or those I love. I’d love and appreciate if you could pray that I acknowledge God in His fullness and fear Him above all else – and that this would make me bold and unashamed of God’s good news and work in me.



Ash Cleworth is married to Charles and is a member of the Grace City launch team. They are committed to meeting with the team each month, to pray & prepare for the launch of Grace City in 2015. If you are interested in joining the launch team, click here for more information.