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Square One Camp

  / November 20, 2023

We were so excited to send a group of primary school children to the Square One camp in November this year. Square One camp is a wonderful opportunity for children to grow in their understanding of the gospel and deepen fellowship within their church community. The experience for our children was filled with fun and excitement as they played wide games, explored their faith in discussion groups and spent time with church friends.  

At Square One the children were encouraged as they heard Bible talks and worshipped in song with hundreds of other primary school children. By reading the Bible together, the children were challenged to become more inquisitive about God’s word in a fun and interactive group setting. Through the discipleship of City Kids leaders, they were supported to think about the grace of God to deepen their understanding and love of God’s love. Below are some reflections from the children, parents and leaders. 


‘I loved spending time singing with all my friends. It was really fun!’

‘My favourite activity was getting to go on the waterslide, even though it was raining.

‘At Square One I learnt so much from the Bible. Sin is not okay. Even though I sin, God gave us Jesus to bring us back to him.’

‘At Square One I get to be friends with God forever.’


“The kids had a great time. I’m got the lowdown on why it’s not okay to sin despite knowing you will be forgiven. My son explained this with a shark analogy. He’s also been singing all the new songs he learnt.’

‘My Daughter had a blast and would love to go back next year’ 

‘My daughter had a great time and made new friends with the other girls in the cabin.’
‘My daughter had a great time making friends. She also now understands much more about heaven. This has been a big point of discussion after a relative passed away. We really appreciated the opportunity for her to go to Square One Camp’. 


‘I loved getting to see the children grow in their knowledge of God’s grace over the weekend. You could see God’s spirit stoking their hearts and overflowing into their actions by the way they spoke to one another with love. It was such an overwhelming privilege getting to witness it and help them continue in their faith journey with Christ”  

Square One was a great weekend for all. Next year’s camp topic will be ‘Exodus: The Second Best Rescue’. We cannot wait to attend Square One again next year with many more children from Grace City. 

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