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Children and Teen Bibles and Books

  / October 22, 2022

Children’s Bibles – Creche and Preschool

  • Lift The Flap Bible – Sally Lloyd-Jones
  • Lift The Flap Bible Stories For Young Children – DeYoung and Krueger
  • The Beginner’s Bible – Zondervan
  • The Rhyme Bible – Linda Sattgast
  • The Big Picture Story Bible – David Helm
  • Beginners Gospel Story Bible – Jared Kennedy
  • Bible Stories Every Child Should Know – Kenneth Taylor


Children’s Bibles – Primary School

  • The Big Picture Story Bible – David Helm
  • The Jesus Storybook Bible – Sally Lloyd-Jones
  • Beginners Gospel Story Bible – Jared Kennedy
  • The Gospel Story Bible – Marty Machowski
  • The Biggest Storybook Bible – Kevin DeYoung


Bibles – Youth 

  • International Children’s Bible
  • Contemporary English Version Bible


Bible Story Picture Books – Creche

  • The Biggest Story ABC – Kevin Deyoung
  • Books for Little Ones Series – Stephanie Carmichel


Bible Story Picture Books – Preschool and School

  • The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross – Carl Laferton
  • God’s Very Good Idea – Trilla Newbell
  •  The One O’Clock – Alison Mitchell
  • The Christmas Promise -Alison Mitchell
  • The Storm that Stopped – Alison Mitchell
  • Knowing God – J John
  • You Are Special – Max Lucado
  • The Biggest Story – Devin Deyoung


Family Devotions

  • Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing – Stephanie Carmichel
  • Blessings Every Day – Elena Kuchari




Articles and Blogs


Other Books – Preschool and Primary School

  • Everything a Child Should Know – Kenneth Taylor (big questions about God/bible)
  • What Every Child Should Know About Prayer – Kenneth Taylor (prayer)
  • What is God Like – Kathleen Bostrom (character of God)
  • The Moon Is Always Round – Jonathan Gibson and Joe Hox (grief)
  • God Made Me For Worship: Helping Children Understand Church – Jared Kennedy (worship)
  • God Made Me for Heaven: Helping Children Live For An Eternity With Jesus – Marty Machowski (heaven)
  • God Made All Of Me: A Book To Help Children Protect Their Bodies – Justin Halcomb (body)
  • God Made Me And You: Celebrating God’s Design for Ethnic Diversity – Shai Linnen (diversity)
  • Birds and the Bees by the Book Series – Patricia Weerakoon (family, body, sex)


Other Books – Youth

  • Little Black Book Series: Bible, Predestination, Sex, Suffering, Science and God – Scott Petty
  • Growing Up By The Book – Patricia Weerakoon (puberty)
  • Teen Sex By the Book – Patricia Weerakoon (sex)