If you could say one thing – meet Brie

What would you say if you had the chance to communicate one important thing? Grace City brings you a new mini-series from members of the launch team, who share a message they think you need to hear. Today, Brie Pattison encourages us with one idea worth sharing.


If you could say one thing, what would it be?

A devastating and liberating truth: you can’t save yourself, but there is a saviour.

What excites you about joining Grace City?

I’m excited that Grace City is a new church for a new area. Our message might not be new, but everybody in Green Square needs to hear it and we have a chance to share it with the thousands who are here already and who will be moving in over the next few years.


What’s something you’d love to get involved in within Green Square?

I’ve just joined a Zumba class. It’s a combination of disco (with pumping music and strobe lights) and aerobics (with slightly less lycra). It’s a hilariously great way to spend Wednesday night.


What’s one reason the Gospel means so much to you?

I have always wanted to prove myself: to show that I am good enough, smart enough, able enough to do anything I want. I was devastated when I realised that the Gospel meant that I could never prove myself to God. At the same time, it was incredibly liberating to grasp that Jesus has already proven himself, and he stands in my place.


What’s something you’d love prayer for?

This year I’m studying the Bible full-time at Moore College. I’d love you to pray that God would shape my heart and mind as I do that each day.


Brie is a member of the Grace City team. If you are interested in joining us on Sundays, click here for more information.