The Grace City Church Supporters Afternoon

A few weeks ago we held the Grace City Supporters Afternoon. It was so encouraging to see so many people come along to show their support for our church plant. We saw more than 100 come along. Many responded with their support through pledging to pray, provide and some even asking to participate in the plant.


Through all of this, it was incredibly exciting to see brothers and sisters in Christ gather together to celebrate a new church being created with the goal of reaching the lost with the gospel. We saw friends and family come along as well as those who could ride a bike around the corner and drive more than 2 hours to be there. All of this reminded us how good our God is. He is sovereign, and has His mighty hand over us as we go forth and plant in the hope of reaching people with the gospel.

If you were there with us for the Grace City Supporters Afternoon, thank you so much for your support. If you were supporting us from a distance, or couldn’t make it, we’re still so thankful for your support. To see a little more of the day, check out the photo gallery below.



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