Care Fund

Serving those in need within our Grace City community

If you, or someone you know within the Grace City community, need help please contact our Care Team through the application form below. We would love to help you.

Applications are dealt with in a confidential manner by our small Care Team – faithful, discreet and mature members of our Grace City family.  Applicants can expect our Care Team to meet with them and strive to understand, encourage,  pray with, assess their eligibility, and help them access the appropriate help, including:

  • Temporary financial assistance for basic living expenses (rent, food, utilities, medical, etc.) in the form of grocery gift cards or payment towards rent/bills directly to the landlord/billing company*
  • Prayer, spiritual guidance and accountability
  • Biblical stewardship and budgeting guidance
  • Prepared meals
  • Recommendations of counselling services
  • Links to support services

Are you eligible?

  • You have been regularly attending Grace City Church (9am, 11am or 6pm) for at least three months
  • You have already investigated and/or applied for government assistance
  • You have sought to remove non-essential expenses from your budget
  • You are willing to be financially transparent with a Care Team member to help them understand your budget and financial situation

*Requests for temporary financial assistance are assessed on the applicant’s basic living needs and current financial situation, and the process therefore involves the Care Team member and applicant together going over the applicant’s budget.  We expect applicants to be honest with our Care Team and to fully disclose their financial situation.